High Load Strategy Conference 2016


14.10.2016 в 08:00-18:00
Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Laisves ave. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania
High Load Strategy Conference
95 €


The High Load Strategy Conference is coming back to Lithuania. The list of technologies used to solve High Load & Big Data problems is ever expanding, giving rise to questions like: What should be used? How should it be used? When should it be used?

Join one of Baltic’s premier events, where answers to those questions will be revealed. The High Load Strategy Conference will feature the perfect combination of inspirational speeches and training talks by world-leading speakers and industry experts, as well as personal experiences and practical suggestions for big range of technologies, approaches and best practices.
Who should come? We invite all system-architects, developers, dev-ops, data analysts, and other experts in the field who want to solve challenges and connect with their industry peers.


Теги: конференция, IT, нетворкинг, технологии

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