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Eastern European Computer Vision Conference


09.07.2016 в 09:00-19:00
Odessa, Hrets'ka Street 1A, Odessa, Ukraine
Augmented Pixels


+380 93 1481347

Eastern European Conference on Computer Vision is a unique opportunity for computer vision researchers and developers to meet, share their knowledge, learn about new trends and find like-minded people. It should serve as a forum for ideas relevant to the use of vision and range sensors and robot perception. The conference will go side by side with rock, jazz festivals, fashion week and other events in Odessa, Ukraine.

Speakers will include leading developers from the USA and Eastern Europe. Language of the event - English

 The topics of the conference will include:

- computer vision and pattern recognition; its application for robotics and drones;
- new trends in programmable processors for vision and computational imaging;
- hardware enhancements (lens, imager, processor) that impact vision applications;
- software enhancements (OS, middleware, vision libraries, development tools) that impact embedded vision application;
- localization and mapping;
- vision based control;

 Call for Speakers is open!  Registration

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