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Лекция Dr. Garry McDaniel - The Power of Human Resource Leadership


19.07.2016 в 19:00 - 21:00
г. Минск, ул.Московская-5, ауд.301


+375 29 1883700
+ 375 29 1883700

 Приглашаем вас принять участие в гостевой лекции на тему: "The Power of Human Resource Leadership".

Why is one organization more successful than another over the long term? Even though good products and excellent service are important, excellent people really make the difference. The best organizations understand that Human Resources are a key link in the chain between the long-term financial performance of the company and the talent, motivation and accomplishments of its workforce. 
Join Dr. Garry McDaniel, Program Chair of Human Resource Management at Franklin University, as he explains how human resource professionals can achieve an important leadership role by helping organization executives to:
· communicate clear purpose to all employees
· focus work and resources on desired results
· create a working environment that empowers and motivates employees
· plans strategically for future challenges and opportunities, and
· demonstrate ethical principles which inspires commitment and passion among employees and loyalty from customers and suppliers.

Спикер: Гарри МакДаниел (Dr. Garry McDaniel), заместитель декана, руководитель сектора обслуживания корпоративного бизнеса Franklin University — крупнейшего частного университета США. Руководитель учебных программ в области HR-менеджмента университета Франклина. Профессор HR-менеджмента, HRM chairman.

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Рабочий язык - английский.
Организаторы: MBA ИБМТ БГУ, Коучинг Центр, International Coach Union и - Практики управления и развития персонала

Теги: лекция, бизнес, HR

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