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Международный игровой хакатон "Itch Dare" (летний Ludum Dare)


26.08.2016 в 10:00
г. Минск, ул.Октябрьская, 16а


+375 29 1270011

Itch Dare is a 48 and 72 hour game jam taking place from August 26th to 29th. A theme will be voted on up until the start of the jam, and will be announced when the jam begins. itch dare will be run exactly like Ludum Dare, but it has no affiliation. Join the jam now and we'll announce via email when theme voting starts along with any organizational updates.

If you have any questions please ask them in the community.

Just like Ludum Dare, there will be two separate concurrent jams:

  1. 48 hour - For solo developers who are creating an entire game and all its resources
  2. 72 hour - For teams or solo developers who want to use pre-existing assets, or want another day to finish

During submission, depending on the time you submit, you'll be able to select which jam you're part of.

Jam entries can be voted on by only those who have submitted something to the jam. (Including anyone who has submitted for either 48 hour or 72 hour). If you're part of a team, make sure you add all team members as contributors to the jam so they can vote. Any contributors added after the submission deadline will not get the ability to vote!


itch dare is not ludum dare, we're just helping out since Ludum Dare in August is not happening.

As you may have noticed, this jams matches Ludum Dare's structure exactly! Ludum Dare won't be happening this August. 

In order to fill the gap we're hosting the first itch dare. Ludum Dare is something I'm a huge fan of, and I want to make sure the people that are part of the community have a place to continue making games even if the official Ludum Dare isn't hosting. Will itch dare be a regular thing? Maybe, but if we do it again it probably won't look like Ludum Dare. We're not trying to replace Ludum Dare, just to keep it going.

Give us feedback

I want the community to run this jam as much of this as possible. This jam has a message board set up where you can ask questions, and help us figure out logistics. We've got a few things to figure out from our end before the jam starts, like how we'll do voting, what submissions. If you'd like to be an organizer of this jam contact me on twitter:@moonscript and tell me how you can help!


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