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Procrastinators Breakthrough Club


07.06.2016 в 18:30-21:00
1 Primrose Street Spitalfileds, London, EC2A 2EX, United Kingdom
Abigail Barnes


Discover how to beat procrastination for good and feel less overwhelmed in your business and life.

Abigail Barnes is the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs, a book that has helped hundreds of business owners discover how to maximise their efficiency so that they can spend more time on revenue-generating activities. 

She is a global speaker, a business trainer, a qualified coach, and the Founder of the Goal Setting Academy.

The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club is for you if: 

You are fed up of hearing yourself make the same old excuses about your business and life

You can’t face continuously feeling overwhelmed, guilty and anxious

You find yourself unable to make decisions because you are drowning in data

You keep putting your life off until tomorrow

Do you have a nagging feeling that you could have the life of your dreams if only you could stop procrastinating?

You want to change but you don’t have any idea where to start, or how to do it…

Making changes can be scary…

But Right now:

You know how to deal with the drama it has become your life

You can cope with the overwhelm because you are so used to it

You know that you can keep limping along

But you do feel:

Worried the wheels are going to come off soon

You don’t know how long you can keep spinning all the plates

Scared that you are making yourself sick and then you won’t be able to work to pay the bills

You are not alone…

The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club has been designed for you, a frustrated procrastinator that wants to discover how to escape the constant feelings of overwhelm, guilt, confusion and avoidance and start creating the business and life they deserve but doesn’t want to do it alone.

The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club is a monthly event.

At each event, there will be a guest speaker invited to share their top tips for beating procrastination.

This month our guest speaker is  CATHERINE NEWTON

Catherine will share some of the success secrets that helped her to overcome her procrastination habits that kept her stuck, and once released means she has been able to go on to build her training business from ground zero

Abigail has spent the past 2 years learning from thought leaders, coaches, and business experts to create her first book (Time Management for Entrepreneurs) and her training business.

She has applied these tried and tested the methods in her own business and life. She has learnt that there is no magic pill for business and life success, but that by taking continuous action amazing results are possible.

These strategies are now used to help self-confessed procrastinators breakthrough and become happy and fulfilled business owners who love the lifestyle that they have created.

The Procrastinators breakthrough Club will help you understand, how you can design and create the business and life of you deserve.

If you are fed up of making excuses, and are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, and want to take control of your life, then book your free place today.



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