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Стыпендыі фундацыі Gerda Henkel у Балгарыі


Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, 7-B, Stefan Karadja Str, Centre for Advanced Study Sofia
The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS Sofia)


+ 359 2 9803704
+ 359 2 9803662

Фундацыя Gerda Henkel прапануе стыпендыі для даследчыкаў-дактарантаў з Беларусі, Украіны, Малдовы, Афганістана, Кітая (пражыванне ў Тыбеце або Сіньцзян-Уйгурскім аўтаномным раёне), Казахстана, Кіргізіі, Манголіі, Расіі, Таджыкістана, Туркменістана, Узбекістана.

Патрабаванні да кандыдатаў:

- доктарская ступень у галіне гуманітарных/грамадскіх навук;

- досвед міжнароднай даследчыцкай працы (удзел у праектах або канферэнцыях, публікацыі ў выданнях).

Перавага аддаецца кандыдатам ва ўзросце да 45 год.

Стыпендыя ў Сафійскім цэнтры паслядыпломнай адукацыі складае 750 еўра на месяц, арганізатары забяспечваюць пражыванне, кампенсуюць выдаткі на даследчую працу (100 еўра ў месяц, на даследчую вандроўку - да 1,5 тыс. еўра), а таксама на візу, дарогу і страхоўку (да 850 еўра). Дэдлайн - 1 кастрычніка 2016 года. Падрабязная інфармацыя (на ангельскай мове) – на гэтай старонцы.

The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS Sofia) announces a Call for Applications for its newly opened GERDA HENKEL Fellowship for fundamental research in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences. The five-months in-residence fellowships are granted under the framework of the CAS Advanced Academia programme and supports PhD holders from the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, China (only Tibet and Xinjiang Autonomous Regions), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

CAS Sofia is an independent Institute with international and multidisciplinary profile. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, it promotes high-level scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities. In addition to supporting focus-group research, CAS Sofia invites outstanding scholars to pursue their individual research projects during in-residence periods of up to five months. The invited Fellows participate in the intellectual life and the scholarly community of the Centre (Bulgarian and foreign fellows) while working on projects of their own choice. Fellows receive adequate material and intellectual support and can profit from the Centre's wide international networks, international seminar- and guest-lecturer programme. CAS Sofia assists Fellows in all practical matters concerning travel, residence and research in Sofia.

Fellows are entitled to:

  • A monthly stipend of 750 euro (liable to 10% income tax) to cover living expenses related to the stay in Sofia;
  • Accommodation in Sofia, comprising living quarters and working space. The Fellows will also have free access to the CAS library and electronic resources/databases;
  • Travel from the home country to Sofia and back, visa and insurance costs (up to 850 Euro);
  • Research field trip abroad during the fellowship period – up to1500 Euros (a one-time allowance);
  • Research expenses (100 euro per month).

Candidates may apply for two periods:

I. 1 March 2017 - 31 July 2017 (Summer semester)

II. 1 October 2017 - 28 February 2018 (Winter semester)

N.B. The final invitation for fellowship depends on the ranking of the application and the preferred period. Availability for both periods is an advantage for the applicant. Please, indicate in the application form whether you prefer one or either period.

The selected Fellows will take part in the regular Fellow seminars and the other scientific events organized by the Centre (workshops, conferences, lectures, etc.) and are invited to present and discuss their project in lectures or seminars. The results of their work shall be summarized in a paper (in English), to be published in the electronic CAS Working Paper Series.


Links for downloading:

Please carefully consider these documents when preparing your application. They can be downloaded also from 
Two letters of recommendation by scholars familiar with the applicant's academic work should be emailed to CAS by the referees. 
Extensions to this period may be allowed in case of eligible career breaks which must be properly documented (maternity leave, long-term illness leave, national service).

All application documents should be presented in English and sent by e-mail to with a subject entry "Advanced Academia Fellowships"

Deadline for applications: October 1, 2016

Теги: стажировка, грант, наука, образование

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