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Lung Passport is a digital stethoscope and machine learning based app for early detection and management of pneumonia, asthma and COPD («chronic bronchitis») based on lung sound analysis.

Confirmed 90% average accuracy for 3 main types of sounds in a clinical trial. Average MD accuracy is less than 62%. Taking symptoms, adherence and surrounding environment into account, Lung Passport empowers people with asthma and COPD to self-monitor, understand personal triggers and disease trajectory. It can be easily used by families as ‘the next thermometer’ to differentiate between common cold and pneumonia. The provider-facing side is a web-portal for doctors that fill the ‘black hole of data’ from between patients visits — all visualized on a single page with data requiring a closer look highlighted.

The goal is to prevent avoidable hospitalizations and GP visits by detecting a dangerous condition before a person recognizes the symptoms. It can thus decrease direct medical costs on 500M people suffering from asthma/COPD by 19% and prevent 45% of 1.2B primary care provider visits related to common colds. Lung Passport is a class IIa medical device. Pilots with clinics and telemedicine providers are launching in May, 2018.


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